Being a proud Welsh company, Saint David’s Day (or Dydd Gwyl Dewi in Welsh) is a key date in the Corgi calendar. And as the nation prepares to celebrate the life of our Patron Saint this weekend, we’re celebrating our top ten favourite things about Wales…

1) The Food – Cawl, Welsh cakes, Bara Brith, cockles – you can bet we’ll be tucking into a St David’s Day feast here at Corgi HQ.

2) HRH The Prince of Wales – Avid Corgi socks fan and presenter of our Royal Warrant back in 1989.


3) The beautiful landscapes – Wales is blessed with some incredible scenery, just like that which forms the backdrop to our current promotional and website imagery.

4) The people – The Welsh are known for being a friendly and welcoming bunch! And this is certainly the case at Corgi HQ where we’re very proud of the sense of community and camaraderie our staff share.


5) Rugby – Rugby is our national game and we like nothing more getting out and about to support the Welsh team  – while wearing our striped rugby socks of course!


6) The weather – Ok, we’re lying…But what better day to spend those wet and windy winter nights than snuggled up wearing our favourite cosy cashmere socks.


7) History – Wales has a long a rich history filled with passion, tragedy and tales of mythical creatures. Our 120 year history as a company has, thankfully, not been so dramatic but we’re very proud of it nonetheless.


8) Singing – Wales is a nation filled with singers, musicians and performers. Take our good friends – and Corgi sock fans – Only Men Aloud for instance.


9) The Three Feathers – Wales has many national emblems – the Red Dragon, the Leek, the Daffodil and of course, the Three Feathers, which takes pride of place on our logo to represent our Royal Warrant status.


And last but not least…

10) The Welsh Corgi – The dog breed that inspired our company name. And that even appeared as part of our company logo in the early days.


These are a few of our favourite things about Wales – let us know what yours are via Facebook or Twitter.