our pledge

for now and for the future

Here at Corgi we are committed to reducing our environmental impact and making sure that we treat our employees, suppliers and partners in a positive and responsible way.

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respecting our


We have had our factory completely re-wired in recent years and new energy efficient lighting installed to cut power usage. We have installed a new heating and boiler system, again to reduce our energy consumption. We are extremely proud that all of our energy is from a 100% renewable source.

We reduce paper usage, sending correspondence electronically wherever possible. We keep printed marketing material to an absolute minimum, using digital brochures to wholesale customers and agents.

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animal welfare

Corgi is committed to giving high priority to animal welfare. We will do all we can by sourcing wool and cashmere yarns from reputable suppliers, and we are committed to ensuring the welfare of the animals at their source.

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sourcing responsible

raw materials

We are committed to ensuring our raw materials are sourced and processed in accordance with prevailing international best practices, on a sustainable basis, and in compliance with local, environmental and international laws and ordinances.

Where elements of the supply chain are outside its direct control, we will only deal with reputable partners and suppliers who subscribe to these same principles, and will obtain independent audits or third party certifications where required.

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supporting our

local community

Corgi, which was founded in 1892, is aware of its impact on the local community. We are regarded as an important employer in a small town in the Welsh valley. Most of the company’s workforce lives locally.
Ourselves and our employees are proud to support local events whenever possible and contribute to local charities.