We are Corgi Socks and Knitwear.

Can we tell you a little more about us?

Here are the 5 things that make our products a little different.


1. We are passionately Welsh

Welsh flag and socks

Our socks (sanau) and knitwear (gwaint) products are made here at our small factory nestled in the Amman Valley in South Wales. The factory employs many local makers and creatives.


2. We champion our quality and unique heritage

Historic image of man with socks

Founder Rhys Jones began producing thigh-high woollen socks for local coal miners in 1892. Today, Corgi is still committed to quality and its heritage, inspired by Wales and its unique landscape.


3. We are royally commended

King Charles III with a Corgi staff member

Awarded our royal warrant by HRH King Charles III in 1989. We take pride in creating the most luxurious hand-framed knitted garments, accessories and hand-finished socks.


4. We are all about family

Corgi factory yarn stores

The Corgi family business is run by Lisa Wood and Chris Jones, five times great grandchildren of the Corgi founder Rhys Jones.


5. We are the knitted goods experts

Person standing in front of a knitting machine

From cashmere to cotton, wool to linen we know yarns and how to knit them to create the most beautiful products. Our highly skilled and devoted craftspeople use a combination of traditional and modern methods that are unique to Corgi and second to none.


We hope wearing your Corgi socks and knitwear will make you feel a big ‘cwtch’ as we say here in Wales. From us to you.

 Lisa & Chris, five times great grandchildren of the Corgi founder Rhys Jones.