Do you consider yourself a dedicated follower of fashion, or a sartorial rule-breaker? When it comes to your attitude to common style statutes, your choice of sock can be especially revealing... 

Do you dare to pair socks with sandals? Do you happily stroll through the office in mismatched footwear? Are you fastidious about the amount of shin visible between your sock and cuff when you cross your legs?

Whether you’re a rule-breaker or a true style disciple, you need to know the rules in order to abide by them (or shake things up a little). Read the five rules for wearing socks below. How many do you break or believe in?

Rule 1: Sock Colour Matters

The rules governing sock colour are surprisingly nuanced. From old-fashioned regulations to simple style good sense, there are many guidelines to consider when selecting a suitable sock shade.

White socks are for sport

According to those in the know, white socks are deemed unacceptable in any non-sporting context. That means white socks should only be paired with football shorts, cricket whites and rugby boots - they should never be seen away from the pitch, gym or velodrome.

However, we think that there’s something stylish about a crisp pair of bright white socks. With the continuing popularity of sportswear in fashion, this is one rule that can definitely be broken.

Socks and shoes should never match

Considering pairing your black shoes with black socks? Think that your burgundy two piece will look devilishly dashing with burgundy socks? Monochrome sock and shoe pairings are not deemed de rigeur according to conventional style wisdom - match your sock colour with your trousers, not your footwear.

Then again… who says you have to match at all? We at Corgi love to see some striking contrast at the ankles! Turn up your trouser cuffs and let your socks do the talking. 

Garish socks are not in good taste

From highlighter yellow socks to garish pea green woollen footwear, gaudy sock choices are not considered tasteful in refined style circles. While bold colour and pattern combinations may put a spring in your step, they may also reflect negatively upon your good taste.

Well, that’s what the stuffy sock purists say. We believe that brighter is always better, from colours and textures to patterns and prints. If you’re looking to make a statement, take a look at our red tartan cotton socks - they’ll blow your socks off!

Rule 2: Never Wear Socks with Shorts

If you’re wondering what socks to wear with shorts, you may find your options limited by the sock style rulebook. The answer to your question is: no socks, not ever. Pairing socks and shorts is widely regarded as a serious fashion faux pas, not least because it can cause one to resemble a Victorian schoolboy. 

Our socks, however, are just too stylish to keep hidden beneath your trouser legs. We applaud anyone brave enough to pull them up and show them off with their shorts. 

Rule 3: Never Wear Socks with Sandals

If you abide by one sock rule, it’s probably this one. And if you’ve ever visited a popular summertime tourist destination, you’ll know why. Wearing sandals with socks results in an unforgivable aesthetic combination that has no business on a self-respecting foot.

This hasn’t always been the case, however. The oldest socks ever discovered, which date back to 250-420AD, featured split toes, suggesting that they were originally worn with sandals. Hipsters all over the world have reclaimed the sock-and-sandal look in recent years, making this tenet as redundant as all the others in the style rulebook. 

Rule 4: Sock Matching is Mandatory

Okay, this is one that we actually recommend. For a put-together look that falls on the right side of zany, keep your diamond socks, zigzag socks and monochrome socks carefully paired up and well organised so that you can always grab a matching pair.

Rule 5: Do Not Sleep in Socks

This rule is surely one that was made to be broken. Who doesn’t love slipping into a snuggly pair of bed socks before you curl up under the covers? Just make sure that they’re fresh out of the drawer so that you don’t introduce the day’s grime into your sheets. We have a lovely range of both men’s and women’s bed socks that are a true treat for your feet at night-time. 

Whether you’re a fashion follower or a rebellious rule-breaker, Corgi creates exceptional socks for both looking the part and standing out. Shop Corgi socks online today.