Personalising an item of clothing can be the perfect treat or a brilliant, sentimental gift for someone. Going that extra mile and making something you wear truly unique gives an added special element every time you try it on or the person receiving a gift.

And here at Corgi, we love creating bespoke personalised socks and monograms for our customers and their loved ones.

We take care of the hard part and all that’s left for you to decide is what you’re going to personalise your socks with. Decisions, decisions!

How can you achieve the perfect personalised monogram?

Ideal Gift – Simple & Smart

simple and smart socks

Looking for a great gift for someone’s birthday, graduation, a new job? Smart, personalised socks are our speciality at Corgi and we think that gifting someone else or even yourself, with unique socks can raise a smile and add some extra personality to an outfit.

If you’re looking to gift a loved one with some personalised socks then you’ve come to the right place. We offer up to 3 characters that you can use to create a bespoke sock.

Keep things simple by personalising socks with classic, straight-forward initials, which are an ideal gift for someone who likes to look the part and stay smart.

Initials are a classy, sophisticated way to add some ownership to an item of clothing and provide a timeless way to show someone you care by making their gift even more bespoke and unique.

Our embroidered offering adds a personal touch and elevates a gift or treat away from traditional socks and towards a more meaningful category.

Pick out the initials you’d like and let us know when you place your order – our embroiderers will get to work and design your tailored gift.

Sentimental Messaging

hand knitted personalised socks

There are lots of ways that you can get creative with personalised monogramming – we find that the fewer characters or words that you have at your disposal, the more inventive and meaningful your message can be!

For example, you don’t have to go down a traditional initials route. You can use the 3 characters available to represent a longer message and create something with more meaning. Only having a few characters, doesn’t have to restrict your creativity or language.

Represent a favourite quote, film, book with a personalised monogram - or something only you and the person you’re gifting understand. Wrack your brains to come up with something meaningful, silly or simple.

Our personalised socks are tailored specifically with you or your loved one in mind, you can really add any meaning you like with personalised monogramming. The stylish embroidery has the advantage of looking incredibly smart, even if your characters and messaging means something funny or tongue in cheek – the beauty of it being that no one else can really tell what it means!

You’ve got a secret, direct message between you, and whoever’s lucky enough to receive your gift, through embroidery.

Gift someone with a long-lasting present that they’ll treasure or reward yourself with a personalised treat that stands out from the rest of your sock collection.

Take a look at our range and create your bespoke sock today.