It’s always lovely to see our socks on display in one of our stockists’ shops. The unique and interesting ways they come up with to show the socks off to their very best never cease to amaze us!

We recently received these pictures from new Japanese Corgi stockist, Washida Home Store whose newest branch just opened in Taichung City, Taiwan. They were keen to show us their gorgeous new store and how they were displaying our socks in it.

The concept behind Washida is ‘the sensibility of urban life projected through good design, space, quality and texture’. And we think you’ll agree that they’ve captured this perfectly in their new space:

And don’t our socks look wonderful on display here…

The eagle-eye among you may have noticed that some of the socks feature our traditional labelling and branding with the original Corgi logo. We often use this branding in Japan as this market is particularly interested in the history and heritage behind our brand – a nice touch we think you’ll agree.

Thanks to Washida for sharing the pictures with us – best of luck with the new store!