Here at Corgi, collaboration is our middle name – we love working with other designers and design houses that share our vision for innovative design and meticulous production processes to produce top quality garments.

One such designer is Thom Browne who we have been producing knitwear with for more than a decade.

And to celebrate more than 10 years of collaboration, we asked our Joint Director and Head of Design Lisa to answer a few questions about working with the designer. 

How did the relationship between Corgi and Thom Browne come about?

We were recommended to Thom by the then CEO of Hot Sox, Gary Wolkowitz – the company that design and develops socks and hosiery for Ralph Lauren. We worked with Thom on his first collection and the rest, as they say, is history.

How many Thom Browne collections do you help produce knitwear for each year?

Two collections for men and 2 for women.

What do you think makes Corgi and Thom Browne a good fit?

We both value exceptional quality, attention to detail in all aspects of the design and production process and the importance of hand making and finishing garments in this age of machine led production.

What is the creative process like?

I normally visit Thom Browne’s New York design offices twice a year armed with knitted swatches, where we discuss various possibilities of knits that would fit the direction of their new collection – they then send us design sheets of the styles/ colours/ fabrics they want and we develop the samples from there.

Are there any recurring themes in the collections?

Yes, there are a few – three coloured grosgrain fabric, side and cuff vents, coloured neck tabs, striped sleeves and cables are always popular.

Can you give any hints about upcoming designs?

They look absolutely amazing!!