Our team are always on the look-out for new and quirky design ideas for our patterned and motif socks, so when S4C weatherman Chris Jones got in touch about creating a weather-themed collection, we were (excuse the pun!) blown away by the idea. And what with Wales being well-known for its rather changeable climate we had to do little more than look out of the window one ‘summer’ afternoon for inspiration.

We had a chat with Chris about why he came to Corgi with his idea…

Why socks?

I love socks myself and they always seem to be a popular gift. And I thought it would be a nice idea to design some socks to represent the different types of weather. We’ve started off with men’s socks but I will be designing and deciding on ladies socks very soon, all with a weather theme.

What other weather related merchandise have you designed?

For the last three years the Chris Tywydd/Welsh Weatherman range of mugs, aprons, posters and tea towels has sold via online Welsh gift shop Bodlon and now also at their new Cardiff store, as well as at Eisteddfods and various other shows around Wales. The weather theme has proved very popular and the mugs in particular have sold very well.


Were you a Corgi fan before? Which other designs do you own?

Of course I knew of Corgi and have always been impressed with the quality and designs of all their products. And I love the fact that these socks are made here in Wales but sold across the UK and even worldwide. I’m very excited to think that my weather collection could be sold and worn in Asia, Europe and America. I recently sold a pair to a lady in Miami, Florida who saw them on my Instagram account!

I own a pair of thick walking socks from Corgi which were given to me by my mother years ago. And of course, I wear my own collection all the time – choosing which design depending on the weather!

Did you get a chance to visit the Corgi to see your socks being made?

I was given a tour of the factory by my name-sake Chris Jones, the MD of Corgi, recently and was so impressed by the size and efficiency of the factory, the workers and the high tech machinery. There were socks everywhere!


Any plans to introduce some more weather themed designs?

Oh yes! Ladies socks next. Different colours and different designs. Rainbows, tornadoes, snowmen, lightning rods, bright colours and fun socks to wear and to show off. I would love to see Welsh Weatherman Corgi socks sell not only in Wales but all over the world in shops and stores. Watch this space!

Chris’ Welsh Weatherman socks can be purchased, among other places, at Bodlon, at The Old Library (Yr Hen Lyfrgell) on The Hayes, in Cardiff  and will be available to buy through the Corgi website later this year.