The Corgi brand expanding globally isn’t anything new, however Sweden was one country that hadn’t been on our radar, until now….

Managing director Chris Jones and sales consultant Mark Hadden found themselves on a mission to visit Sweden and spread the Corgi word. Here in Stockholm they met with agents Jesper and Jacob in the hope that they could represent Corgi as the ‘go to’ British brand for luxury socks and knitwear.


Jesper explains ‘Kullenberg Agenturer (Agency) was started in 2014 by me and Jacob with the simple idea that we wanted to introduce interesting brands to the Scandinavian market. Our showroom is located in the outskirts of Gothenburg in the municipality of Mölndal. From there we meet the majority of our roughly around 40 customers up to this date. Today the agency represents following brands, Sunspel, TWC, Private White V.C., Shoes Like Pottery, Harley of Scotland, Giab’s, Filmore Skincare and Laperruque.’

Working from their own stylish showroom, we think they will be a great addition to the Corgi team.


It wasn’t all work for Chris and Mark they were shown the pleasures of the city of Stockholm, part taking in sight seeing visiting the Vasa Museum and indulging in the city's culinary delights.


Välkommen Jesper and Jacob!