At Corgi we love working with brands that value the same things we do – superior fabrics, careful production process and top quality end products. British womenswear brand Hope is one such brand.

We have been working with Hope for around a year now, producing knitwear in a range of designs to be sold through their online store. They came to us as they were keen to support the British fashion industry by working with a home-grown brand to produce the range.

To celebrate the collaboration, Hope have put together a lovely video looking at the relationship between the two brands and the process by which the knitwear is made – you can watch this above.

Nayna McIntosh, Hope’s Founder & CEO had this to say about the partnership: “Hope is passionate about supporting British manufacturing with 40% of the collection bearing “Made in Britain” labels. We chose to work with Corgi as they produce some of the very best knitwear in the UK.  By using their hand framed machines, we can produce small orders quickly and to a very high standard. Customers continually feedback about how special Hope knitwear is.”