Simon Crompton, the UK’s leading men’s fashion blogger with his blog, Permanent Style. Recently visiting our factory in Wales, he has written an article on his trip! He was shown around the factory, looking at how the knitwear is designed and made. Watching how the hand framed knitwear is made Simon explains,

"Being hand framed means that the weaving machine – essentially a long row of thick needles – has to be hand operated, with the worker pulling the metal carriage back and forth across its width."

He goes on to talk about the history of Corgi and the sruggles it faced and overcame through the years,

"Corgi began as the maker of socks for welsh miners. It began to innovate in the 1930s and was the first to make Argyles – all by hand in those days – signing its first order with Brooks Brothers in 1939. Unfortunately the war ended that contract pretty swiftly, but Corgi carried on, making socks for the troops."

Simon goes on to talk about his love for the brand and some of his favourite pieces. To know more of the secrets of Corgi knitwear, you can read Simon's full article here