The sock and sandal- a game changer. The embarrassment of normcore dad dressing is all but a thing of the past, the uncomfortable combination has since become the staple of any discerning fashionista.

Demi Moore, Diane Kruger and Olivia Colman are just a few A-list names donning this season's go-to look. Indeed, pairing the simple court with a jazzy sock can be found on red carpets and glossy magazines alike. Rarely can one find an item which is both fashionable and practical. The comfort factor alone is reason enough to become a convertor. The popular fashion blogger Alexandra Lapp can often be found roaming the streets of Rome working this particular look (Valentino, naturally).

But then again, trends fade and soon the faux-pas will return with a vengeance. Until then embrace the combination, and do ensure to cite Dolce&Gabbana as your style muse (darling).