We take a look at some of our striking striped sock designs and how best to wear them.

Bright striped socks can seem a bit daring for those who opt for safer colour options, but we hope our style tips will give you the confidence to wear these with ease and on different occasions.

Office Style

A smart casual look is definitely becoming more common in offices. Socks are a great way of adding a subtle pop of colour, or an interesting pattern to those tailored grey or black suits. We’d recommend our Micro Stripe Luxury Cotton & Cashmere Blend Socks to liven up your workwear. They’re not too bold, and not too dull.

how to wear striped socks


By the Pitch

Keep yourself looking warm and stylish in the stands with our range of Rugby Stripe Cotton Blend Socks. In an abundance of colour combinations, you are sure to find your team’s colours.

mens striped socks



Weekend Style

Socks can give a new lease of life to those go-to weekend outfits. Whether you’re talking a stroll, planning a night out in town, or having a lazy Sunday, we have some vibrant socks that are great to pair with blue jeans and white trainers. We suggest keeping T-Shirts and jumpers plain, to avoid clashing colours.


bold women's striped socks



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