From frivolous florals, to sensible stripes; our socks can speak volumes about the type of person we are. If you’re trapped in professional attire all day, your ankles may be one of the few places you can express a little bit of your personality. Whether you’re stuck in a uniform or restricted by a dress code, socks are a secret spot where you might be able to share a little extra “you-ness”.

But what does your sock choice say about you? When people catch a glimpse of your ankle attire, what impression are you creating? To demonstrate the mystical art of “sock reading”, allow us to present the newest additions to our contemporary collection, complete with the personality traits they represent...

Bold Botanicals

socks with flowers

There’s a certain old-fashioned, vintage quality to this bold floral design. The woman behind these socks probably has an aesthetic all of her own. Not one for conformity, this sock-wearer may also have green-fingers and a love of the Great Outdoors. She may be the kind of person who embraces wildness, relishing in adventure. 

Smart Stripes

womens striped socks

We all have a friend who loves order - perhaps you’re that friend. If these smartly striped socks speak to you, you may just be! The perfect sock for straightforward people who appreciate structure, the person behind this pair is likely the organiser in their group of friends. They’re likely to be highly focused and professional in their job, working incredibly hard to get where they want to go.

Magical Meadow

pink flower socks

Just like the owner of our first botanical pair of socks, the person who chooses these beauties likely has a love of the Great Outdoors, but also has a penchant for home comforts too. The smaller wildflowers and warm burgundy hue are less wild and a little more cosy. This may be a person who enjoys cooking for her friends and family, but also enjoys getting outside in nature for long, thoughtful walks - rather than more adventurous activities.

Pretty Posies

blue socks with flowers

This flourishing floral pair of socks will put a spring in the step of anyone with a cheerful spirit. These are socks for people who look on the bright side and can always engage in a spot of “blue sky thinking”. Occasionally unrealistic optimists, this person gives her all to the people around her and always approaches tasks with a positive mindset.

Cool Contrasts

bold yellow plain socks for women

These bold, contrasting women's plain socks are perfect for true individuals who won’t compromise on who they are. Featuring two strong shades in striking contrast, these are socks to be worn unapologetically - and with confidence. The person behind this pair knows exactly who she is - and knows how to draw on her strengths to achieve her goals.