A few months ago we welcomed HRH The Prince of Wales to the Corgi factory to officially open our new Factory Shop.

During his visit HRH The Prince was treated to a grand tour of the factory floor and we thought it was only fair that we offered our loyal legions of Corgi socks fans the same privilege.

Of course, we’re wouldn’t expect everyone to traipse down to our West Wales HQ so here’s the next best thing – a virtual tour via picture gallery…

This is the main entrance to our factory, where you can see our Royal Warrant plaque takes pride of place over the main doors.


In our entrance hall we have a picture gallery featuring images of our products, projects we have been involved in and designers we have worked with. This is to give visitors to the factory a quick snap-shot of the Corgi brand and the kind of work we do.


This is the design room where our team of designers is often found coming up with new and quirky ideas for patterns, motifs and colour combinations for our socks and knitwear.


On the wall in here we have a gallery of historic images from Corgi’s past to help inspire our design team. The images date right back to when Corgi was founded in 1892.


This is the main factory floor where most of the production takes place. There are usually around 30 to 40 staff at work here at any given time and it’s always buzzing with activity.


This is our yarn storage area where all of our raw yarns are stored in order of colour. With such an array of colours and shades, it’s quite a sight to behold!

This is the machine room where most of our fine gauge socks are produced before being hand-finished by one of our highly-skilled workers out on the main factory floor.

This machine is used especially to make our super-cute ‘mini-me’ children’s socks – you can check out our ever-growing children’s collection here.


Once the socks have been hand-finished they are pressed using this device which has actually been used here for more than 50 years…


…although we do have a more modern press that we also use!


Once the socks have been made and hand-finished they are moved on to our packing area for labelling and packaging.


Then some of the socks are moved onto our online order service area, ready to distribute to customers ordering through our online shop.


While others are displayed in our lovely new Factory Shop which was officially opened by HRH The Prince of Wales in Feb 2015.

Well that concludes our grand tour of Corgi HQ. If you’re in the Carmarthenshire area and would like to visit one day, please feel free to drop by – you’re guaranteed a warm Welsh welcome, and maybe even a cup of tea!