Cashmere is considered to be one of the finest natural fibres in the world, and as such it must be cared for accordingly. Corgi socks not only uses cashmere, but the finest possible Mongolian cashmere goat hair to create its luxury garments. The delicate fibres of this particular goat hair means cashmere socks should only ever be worn with a slipper, moccasin or soft loafer. In light of this, we wanted to provide our customers with a care guide to ensure you get the most from your hose. 

A Guide

-Do not machine wash, even a simple 'delicate' setting will cause felting and shrinkage. 

-Do not dry clean- dry cleaning can remove many of the natural conditioners within the cashmere fibres and leave them harsh and brittle. 

-We suggest a specialist cashmere washing liquid, and should be soaked for no longer than five minutes. 

-When washing, avoid rubbing and scrubbing- this will damage the delicate fibres. 

-To remove excess water from the socks, gently squeeze. Too much tugging can misshapen the socks. 

-To dry, lay socks flat. Do not hang on radiator-this again will cause the socks to change shape.