Director Matthew Vaughn and coveted online luxury brand Mr Porter have created a bespoke collection inspired by Ms Arianne Phillips’ work who designed the costume for Kingsman: The Secret Service. The spin off Kingsman brand has proven to be a success, and is once again in the limelight this time for the launch of the films sequel Kingsman: The Golden Circle that hit our screens on 29th September 2017.


For those who haven’t seen it, the premise of the film is a spy genre spectacle of a secret agent organisation and dangerous missions set in the backdrop of London’s illustrious Saville Row, bringing with it a feast for the sartorial eye.

The Kingsman brand has strong core values and a bespoke line of luxury clothing and accessories that comes directly from the film’s wardrobe department. Mr Porter explains – ‘The focus is on British heritage, with cloths sourced from traditional mills and hand-picked collaborations with classic brands.’


At Corgi HQ we aren’t strangers of the big screen, working on films and dramas such as The Crown, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Trainspotting and Dr Who to name a few. We were of course delighted to be asked to collaborate with the costume design for knitwear in the Kingsman films, character Merlin’s suede-panelled ribbed wool sweater has become synonymous with his role, and is now a staple within the Kingsman shop brand collection. Also considering the Welsh connection (main character ‘Eggsy’ played by Welsh actor Taron Egerton resided in nearby Aberystwyth),  it was extra special to be involved.


Corgi’s collaboration with the Kingsman shop is growing strong with the introduction of socks last season as well as our luxury knitwear. To be recognised alongside other British heritage brands such as Lock & Co, Drakes and Turnbull & Asser is a wonderful achievement and we are proud to be a part of the Kingsman family. As any style savvy gentleman will know, the luxury products made by these brands are among the best in the world, using skill and knowledge passed down the generations. The Kingsman shop enables the modern man to dress like a film star, with these products all in one place.

So before you embark on your dangerous shop and spend mission, we salute you and your credit card, and remember, being a gentleman never goes out of style!

Manners maketh man.