It’s great to see changes in spring fashions as the days get warmer – and we’re not referring to displaying your socks in all their glory with shorts and sandals on rather pale and tired legs. Oh no, we have a far more sophisticated way to achieve sartorial success.


We all want to go sockless when the temperatures soar, that’s until our shoes rub against our skin causing unsightly blisters on sweaty, smelly feet. Needless to say, walking around like this leaves a lot to be desired. Summer socks don’t have to uncomfortable all the time!

“Not wearing socks causes sweat to seep directly into the shoe’s leather, which turns the inside of the shoe into a breeding ground for bacteria. This, combined with high moisture levels, creates a bad smell and in many cases triggers the itchy fungal infection known as athlete’s foot.” – The Mail Online

All hail the low cut sock, described as a ‘summer miracle’ by the likes of GQ - perfect for spring fashion, and can even be used as summer socks during the hotter spells.

Our favourite spring/summer patterned designs have been transformed into a stylish almost invisible sock shape that is perfect to wear with boat shoes, loafers and trainers. Sitting just below the ankle bone, curving around the top of the foot to the back of the heel, they are comfortable yet uncompromising on style.

The summer sock shape itself minimises potential slipping at the back of the heel, and our signature hand linked toe ensures a comfortable toe seam during wear.  The lightweight cotton blend is known to be a breathable fabric, keeping your feet cool and dry.

Low cut socks don’t have to be boring, although not worn to be seen, you can still be safe in the knowledge you’re ahead of the spring fashion pack. Choose from a selection of stripes, skulls, sharks and bicycle patterns for a spring wardrobe update. Trust us; your feet will thank you for it.

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