When the festive season is in full swing, you’ve had your Christmas soirees, and the countdown to the big day is on, you suddenly realise you haven’t bought any gifts. It’s the classic scenario, we have all been there, some more than others.

Well, fear not, the humble sock gift box is here to save the day.

A pair of boring, cheap socks wrapped haphazardly in ghastly and tacky Christmas wrapping will not cut the mustard here.

Simon Swift’s article in the Metro online confirms:

‘Socks tend to have a poor reputation as they bring back memories of well-meaning aunts and uncles buying a multi-pack of cheap socks late on Christmas Eve from a reputable high street chain store,’ says Member 001 of Sock Club London, an organisation which admirably sets out to ‘champion men’s hosiery’ (and where all members are referred to by their number).

‘This is more of a commodity purchase, ticking a name off of the Christmas list, than actually buying something that may be loved, cherished and appreciated.’

Yep, most of us have fallen victim to that festive nightmare.

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There’s a whole new world of gifting out there, and socks feature heavily in this market phenomenon. No longer do people have the time to box and wrap their purchases, which is why brands are now offering their products in fantastic packaging. All you have to do is swipe at the till.

From a single pair to three, the gift box sock set will showcase a marvellous treat for your feet inside. Neatly packaged and snug, a pack of three pairs of socks in the same tasteful colour palette is a stylish gift for any gentleman.

With that in mind, here are 5 reasons why socks are the easiest gift to give a Christmas:

  1. One size fits all

Even though many socks are sized, it’s almost impossible to get this part wrong. Socks are made with nylon or elastane to ensure stretch and comfort when worn, this means the difference between a Medium and a Large is very slight. Or you can just ask their shoe size!

  1. Sock gifts can fit any budget

When you have lots of family and friends to buy for it can be difficult to keep to a budget without disappointed faces on the big day. Luxury socks come with a range of different price tags, starting from £16 for a well-made cotton pair, to around £55 for a blend of the finest cashmere and silk.

  1. There’s no age limit

Whether it’s old Uncle Arthur or little cousin Sam, socks transcend the age limitations of other accessories. For instance, a sophisticated navy base pair with a tonal polka dot would be perfect for an older gentleman. Then something bold, patterned or striped is just the ticket for younger members of the family. Let’s face it, everyone needs a pair of socks.

  1. Socks are the best accessory – don’t go for novelty

Don’t fall for gimmicks, cheap novelty men's Christmas socks with Santas and Reindeers are not the way to win style points this season. Stick to sophisticated hues and designs that add a little punch to attire for all the right reasons. Navy, red and royal blue are always good colours to choose. Socks really are the best accessory.

  1. Socks show that you care

A freshly pressed pair of the finest socks is like a big hug for your feet, cosy, warm and stylish. There’s nothing like the feeling of slipping on a new pair. What more could you want on Christmas Day?’