We’re big fans of vibrant pattern and design that helps our customers make an impact. And we love incorporating the weird and wonderful into our sock design here at Corgi.

We think that your choice of sock is an excellent spot to play around with experimental design and quirky motifs. Why not, life’s too short to wear boring socks!

Surface pattern design is a big part of our process and you’ll find it all around you. It’s the patterns that are used on furniture, clothes – you name it and there’ll have been a pattern design.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at some surface pattern design trends at the moment.

Geometric Designs

geometric design

Geometric patterns are everywhere at the moment. Clean lines and shapes are perfect for combining with bright colour schemes or black and white.

There can be so much variation and experimental design with geometric shapes and it’s a great way to liven up an outfit with extra inventive design.


Tartan Patterns

Following closely on from geometric designs is the enthusiasm for tartan design. It’s an incredibly versatile pattern, with hundreds of different variations and colours that can fit into the design. Tartan can be quirky and used in a casual format, or it can add some smart lines and colour schemes to a more formal outfit.

It’s remained steadily popular as a surface pattern design and it doesn’t look like its popularity is waning any time soon – particularly in suit design and wedding attire.


Bright Colours

bright coloured wool

Bold and bright block colour design can add some much-needed vibrancy to an outfit. Bright pastel or primary colour schemes can be found throughout interior design, as well as clothing.

Colourful block patterns have a way of drawing the eye towards a design, a sock especially and they can perfectly complement a more muted outfit and instantly inject a bit more personality.


Natural and Animalistic

Tropical/jungle themes and botanical prints continue to prove really popular with buyers and a trendy way to bring the outdoors in. Leafy, palm tree and flamingo prints are especially prevalent, as well as houseplant, cacti, pineapple prints and other natural designs.

Animal prints are incredibly well-received too, particularly in sock design where animal motifs provide some fun, colourful personality to a sock – we can definitely vouch for this with our trademark Corgi motif!



The UK’s going through a sweltering heatwave this summer, so mentioning wool might make you bulk, but there’s no doubt that Hygge inspired design and texture will make its mark again in Autumn, winter. Muted tones, cashmeres, natural wool and comfort are championed, as the Danish lifestyle trend, Hygge, is all about savouring those moments of comfort and snugliness.


Scenery Design

Instead of repeatable motifs and patterns in interiors and clothing, producing scenery as a surface pattern design is being seen more and more. It can work really well, with strong, prominent visuals making a visually appealing impact and grabbing some attention at the same time.

This means that instead of block colours, there can be more variation and experimentation with colours and design to create a scene and motif designers can really get creative.

Take a look through some of the surface pattern designs that we use and see if you can spot some of the trends we’ve mentioned.